Q. Do i have to pay up front when signing for my own store.

NO, no payment is taken, so that means you can trade for 30 days without paying a penny.

Q. Can i take payment through the store.

YES, you can set up various payment types. Paypal, Google checkout, Sage pay + more.

Q. Can i setup different currencies and languages.

YES, you can set up both options so prices and texts changes to suit. 

Q. Can i setup different prices for Postage & Package.

YES you can set up various amounts for P & P so you can have a different price for Local, Europe and Overseas.

Q. Can i add variants to my products.

YES, this is easy to do you can add many variants to products. 

Q. Can i add more than one image to a page.

YES, you can add several images and when this image is click on it will enlarge into the main image box. Max 12 per item.

Q. What will happen to my store when my 30 days runs out.

Your store will be deactivated and you will be requested to upgrade using Paypal, if you decide not to upgrade your store will no longer be visible.

Q. Can i add VAT.

YES, your prices can be set to show VAT.

Q. Can i add an element in for packaging.

YES, this can be done in the postage area.

Q. I like to give customer discounts and promotions can i do this.

YES, on smarteshop you can set various promotions and discount codes which can all run at the same or different times. A promotion box will appear in the checkout area for the customer to enter the code.

Q. Do i need a domain name (website address) to setup a free store.

NO, you are free to use the software for the 30 days with out an actual name, but it is advisable to check if your future name is still available. (see Reg123)

Q. Can my store be seen by the public while i am working on it.

YES & NO, if you already have a domain name and set it live from day one then the public will be visible. If you do not set your store up with your domain it will not be seen to anyone but yourself until you are ready.

Q. Can i integrate Twitter & Facebook to my site.

YES these are both easy to add to your site.